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Office Partitions 

We provide and install all types of office partitions. From  classic, fireproof partition walls to modern glass office partitioning. Whether  you’re specifying  a project or looking for your own office, Castle Building Services allow your vision to be reached with  tried and tested solutions. Combining  both solid  and glass office partition systems you can achieve both functionality and  style at a cost for you can control. Glass partitioning is available in both single  and double glazed options, also with interior venetian blinds for privacy.  Corporate styling can easily be added in the form of specific colouring and graphic manifestation to glazed areas to enhance the excitement of the finished  project.




Metal Stud  Partitions

drywall partitioning

Metal stud  partitions are non load-bearing walls  and are particularly suited for office partitioning projects where brick-based walls  can’t be used. They can be installed in all types of buildings. With partitions extending  up-to 10 metres high metal stud partitions offer superior levels of acoustic insulation and fire  protection by using specialist plasterboards and infill materials. Metal Stud  partitions accommodate features like doors and windows and is quickly and  easily installed. Complex partitioned spaces can be created and used  immediately.





Composite Partitions

composite partitionComposite office partitioning systems comprise of an aluminium frame with pre-fabricated composite panels. The panels are manufactured using a lightweight plasterboard skin bonded to a paper egg crate core, these can be decorated with paint, paper or digitally imaged graphics. The aluminium framework  can be finished in SAA or powder coated colour to your specification. Single or double glazed windows are optional and can incorporate blinds. This type of system is very cost effective, re locatable and fast to install.